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We connect brands like yours to over 2 million hardworking members. Together, we help the people who help others.

Whether they’re in the health service, social care, education, or the charity sector, we are passionate about giving our members the rewards they deserve.

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Health Service Discounts Spotlight

Network Impact Report

The Network team recently published a report on the impact of discount schemes on cost of living, quality of life, recruitment and retention of those working in the health, social care and education sectors. We are delighted that the results show our schemes are associated with a higher level of quality of life and that our members feel more loyal towards their role and sector due to their access to the schemes.


Thank You

We want to use this opportunity to thank you, our partners.

You understand how hardworking and deserving our members are and you see the discounts you provide as a thank you and a way of showing your recognition.

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If they give at work, they win at life.

They’re the people who keep us going. On their feet all day and up half the night. Working all the hours and never really clocking off. We work hard to understand our customers. And to bring you together.

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Health Service Discounts Spotlight

Health Service Discounts

From registrars to cleaners, back-office staff to student nurses. They pick us up and put us back together. They balance family life with the physical and emotional pressures of working in the Healthcare Industry.

Health Service Discounts >
Discounts for Carers Spotlight

Discounts for Carers

The unsung heroes who care for the most vulnerable in our society. Many work long hours and go the extra mile for who they care for.

Discounts for Carers >
Discounts for Teachers Spotlight

Discounts for Teachers

From classroom assistants to nursery workers, head teachers to catering staff. Our Education Sector members work long hours and support
students of all ages and abilities – often using their own money and time.

Discounts for Teachers >
Discounts for Charity Workers Spotlight

From researchers to campaign managers, cashiers to healthcare workers. Anyone working for a charity makes sacrifices – giving up their free time, earning a lower salary, than they would elsewhere.

Charity Worker Discounts >

Brands that give back, get back

By working together, we give our members a way to save. And you get a dependable source of customers – even in uncertain times.

  • 70k+ new members per month
  • Spending through Network on average 4 times a month.
  • A little over 97% say they will continue to use our services.
  • Join over 900 brand partners already giving back

Doing good is good for business.

Brand partners receive exclusive access to highly-engaged audiences who spend over £500m every year through Network.

  • How we work together is bespoke to you.
  • All you have to offer is an exclusive discount or deal.
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The ode cashback card

The ode cashback card is an optional, additional benefit of being a member of one of our schemes. In return, the ode cashback card allows our members to earn cashback when they shop at qualifying retailers - including several supermarkets. Our members can use their ode cashback card anywhere that displays the Visa® acceptance mark, both in-store or online. Plus, they can manage their spending via the Spree app.

Life is easy with ode.

Cavell Nurses Trust

We are more than just discounts

Our work in the Key Worker community extends beyond discounts. Each year we are proud to be the largest financial contributor to the Cavell Nurses’ Trust. Cavell helps nurses and midwives to deal with hardship brought on by ill-health and other all-too-common events such as domestic abuse or sudden homelessness. This is a great cause, run by an admirable team and it’s a real honour to support Cavell.

We are delighted to say that we have contributed hundreds of thousands of pounds to this worthy cause since 2015.


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